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Did you know that most households could collect close to $200, if you made an effort to turn your old phones into cash. A great alternative rather than letting them sit around collecting dust or cluttering up Mama Earth. SellCell.com did a survey to find out what many do with their old cell phones.

What’s up with your old cell phone?
Average payout for an old cellphone is $91
-Most households have 2 phones collecting dust
-More than 1/2 of all consumers stash their old phones at home in a box

*Only 20% sell or recycle their phones for cash. Why ?
1 in 5 said they were worried about exposing data that is stored in their phones.
-An equal amount of folks said they were just too lazy to cash in their phones. Men are twice as likely as women to say they are too lazy.

We are sitting on as much as $33.8 billion worth of old cellphones.  iPhones and iPads can get big bucks back! Click here for more!

Click here for even more cell phone recycling 411!