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[ Study identifies strategies for preserving and connecting vulnerable habitat to preserve wild, connected and diverse protected lands ]

Michael Reinemer

The most recent paper, “Wild, connected, and diverse: building a more resilient system of protected areas,” will be published in Ecological Applications, a journal of the Ecologic

[ Response to Trump Budget: Wilderness Society Decries Decline in Care for America’s Public Lands ]

Michael Reinemer

“It’s fitting for President Trump to release his budget in March, because this is simply madness,” said Cam Witten, Government Relations and Budget Specialist at The Wilderness Society.

[ Alaska gas pipeline leak highlights hazards of Arctic Ocean drilling ]

In a preview of what could happen with offshore drilling in the Arctic Ocean, an underwater natural gas pipeline has been leaking in Alaska since December, and no repair is expected until late April, at the earliest.


[ Trump administration’s “skinny budget” would starve parks and conservation programs ]

As part of a historically low domestic spending proposal, President Trump wants to cut funding for the Department of the Interior by about 12 percent, selling out public lands and severely undermining the booming outdoor recreation economy. Additionally, Trump’s budget would slash the Environmental Protection Agency budget by 31 percent, eliminating thousands of jobs from that agency.

[ The Wilderness Society encouraged by climate resolution from 17 House Republicans ]

Anastasia Greene

Yesterday, 17 Republican Members of the House

[ Will bad target shooting policy literally leave this monument in the crosshairs? ]

For years, the Sonoran Desert National Monument has been at the center of a debate about recreational target shooting on public lands, which can damage archaeological sites, plants and the landscape itself (not to mention the threat posed to other park visitors).

[ Trump doesn’t want the fossil fuel industry to pay its fair share ]

Anastasia Greene

The Wilderness Society joined two other groups to intervene in court to defend the Office of Natural Resource and Revenue (ONRR) valuation rule.

[ Hearing on energy infrastructure highlights need for smart approach ]

Experts and politicians on both sides of the aisle recognize the need to improve infrastructure in the U.S., and numerous pieces of legislation have been introduced in recent years to advance energy infrastructure in particular.

[ Congress aims anti-public lands attack at ocean monuments ]

The current Congress’ first attack on the Antiquities Act comes in the form of a House subcommittee hearing on the creation of marine monuments, where anti-public lands lawmakers will argue to greatly curb the presidents’ ability to protect parks for future generations.

[ Rolling back EPA’s Clean Car Standards is bad for America. Here’s why. ]

To remain competitive in a global market increasingly dominated by China, car makers must invest in cleaner-running cars.