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[ California oil spill response is ominous for Arctic Ocean ]

Three days after a pipeline spilled 105,000 gallons of crude oil in balmy Southern California, the Associated Press reported that “bad” weather was slowing cleanup effo


[ Public Lands Renewable Energy Development Act: Balancing energy development with conservation ]

The revised Public Lands Renewable Energy Development Act (PLREDA) was reintroduced into the Senate this week with strong bipartisan support.


[ Polis bill would enhance Colorado wilderness and recreation ]

Representative Jared Polis (D-CO) introduced legislation May 20 to protect Colorado’s Central Mountains, a breathtaking area in the Rocky Mountains of Summit County and eastern Eagle County.


[ Wilderness Society Praises Teton County Rejection of State Push to Seize Public Lands ]

Michael Reinemer

Citing some of “the most beautiful and iconic landscapes on earth” in Teton County’s backyard, the board of commissioners Tuesday morning unanimously passed a resolution that “opposes any and all efforts by the State of Wyoming to obtain the wholesale transfer of federal


[ 14 fabulous loop hikes in America ]

Loop hikes are considered to be the pinnacle hiking experience.

With fresh views at every step, none of your time or energy is wasted.


[ Government approves Shell’s Arctic Ocean drilling plan, puts vital habitat at risk ]

On May 11, the Interior Department’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management conditionally approved Shell’s plans to drill in the Chukchi Sea off the northwestern coast of Alaska, putting sensitive habitat at risk of an oil spill and other dangers.


[ Shell’s new Arctic Ocean drilling plan weakens safeguards, raises risks ]

Tim Woody

In spite of Royal Dutch Shell’s disastrous performance during the 2012 Arctic Ocean drilling season, the federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management today conditionally approved the company’s 2015 exploration plan, which provides even fewer safeguards for the Chukchi Sea and its sensit

[ 5 big myths about wildfire ]

Wildfires are growing larger and more destructive than ever before due to climate change, drought, a lack of funding for prevention programs and other factors. 


[ BLM must do more to protect wildlands alongside transmission development for TransWest Express ]

The BLM is required to address impacts to wildlands and wildlife habitat on our public lands from major transmission development. The agency can do so by selecting routes that avoid sensitive areas or offsetting unavoidable impacts by protecting nearby lands.


[ New royalty rates proposed for federal lands ]

The Department of Interior’s Office of Natural Resources Revenue (ONRR) is proposing to reform the royalty rates oil, coal, and gas companies pay to extract resources from public lands.